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Vedic Tattva Mouth Oil

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BenefitsPulls out toxins, germs, food debris; prevents and cures plaque, mouth ulcers, tooth-aches, decay, bad breath, gum and tooth senstivity and infections such as gingivites, periodontitis. Enhances metabolism

Key ingredients- Sesame Oil, Clove 

  • Weight- 100 ml
  • Age 10 years and above *Caution: the oil must never be injested but spit out after oil pulling
  • Gender- Both
  • Storage Container-  Glass bottle
  • Values- Handmade, Chemical Free


Oil pulling or Kavala Graha is an Ayurvedic cleansing routine for mouth and highly recommended for complete oral hygiene. It not only ensures removal of germs, bacteria but also pulls out toxins, resulting in cleaner cavities and stronger gums. It, therefore, inhibits infections such as gingivites, periodontitis, mouth ulcers, plaque and even prevents tooth-aches and decay. Moreover, cloves have anti-inflammatory properties and also help manage bacteria. By eliminating plaque, oil pulling whitens one's teeth, freshens breath and promotes good gum health. Aside from detoxifying body, oil pulling increases saliva production by massaging salivary glands which in turn improves metabolism.

About us: Vedic Tattva handcrafts natural, organic and sustainable personal-care that is inspired by Ayurveda.

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Coldpressed sesame oil and cloves
Swish around 5 ml of the oil in your mouth for 10-15 minutes every morning morning on empty stomach; spit is out and brush normally.
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