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Shashwat Organics Organic Bajra or Bajari Aata (Pearl Millet Flour) Pack of 1KG

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Benefits - Rich in protein & fibre. Aids in weight loss.

Key ingredients - Organic Bajra or Bajari

Quantity - 1 KG

Age - Above 5

Gender - Unisex

Storage Container - Eco Friendly



Bajra from Shashwat Organics is harvested at it?s peak, then stone-milled to make a fine aata.This supergrain is gluten free, rich in essential minerals and vitamins, and is also loaded with insoluble fibre which helps in digestion. The numerous nutrients present ensure numerous health benefits, including weight loss, and with its phytic acid, controls cholesterol. Rich in protein, phosphorus and fibre, these organic pearl millets are also great for boosting the body?s immunity system.
Bajra is used as main component of regular diet in many parts of India.

Benefits of Organic Bajra or Bajari Aata (Pearl Millet Flour) from Shashwat Organics:
 Rich in insoluble fibre which keeps you feeling full for longer;
 Rich in protein;
 Rich in various nutritional elements;
 Helps regulate blood sugar
 Beneficial for diabetics;
 Helps in cholesterol balance;
 Aids in weight loss;
 Great boost to the immune system;
 Promotes a healthy nervous system.
 Rich in phosphorus;
 Rich in fibre;
 Helps to eliminate gastrointestinal disorders and improves digestion;
 Helps to reduce constipation, cramping, excess gas.
 Considered a high energy food.

Product Details &Care Instructions:
 100% Vegetarian
 Shelf Life: 3 months

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Organic Bajra or Bajari
Storage & Care: Store in a hermetically sealed container in a dark and cool place or in the freezer. Use a dry spoon only. Keep away from water and heat.

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