Just Jaivik Fenugreek Powder

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Benefits -Digestion, Vata balanace 

Key ingredients- Fenugreek

  • Quantity- 100 gm
  • Age- Above 15
  • Gender- Both
  • Storage Container- Plastic Bag
  • Values- Handmade

Fenugreek is a pungent, flavorful seed commonly used to add a pop of flavor to a meal. It is a warming spice that kindles the digestive fire and supports the body’s ability to break down food and maintain a comfortable digestive experience. Fenugreek is especially beneficial for vata-type digestion where there is a tendency for gas or bloating after meals. As a women’s tonic, fenugreek nourishes rasa dhatu, supporting the healthy production of breast milk and acting as a rejuvenative to the female reproductive system. 

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Certification & Awards Certified Vegan