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Benefits - Sugar And Dairy Free

Key ingredients - Coconut Milk Powder, Stevia, Tea Extract And Cardamom Seeds Powder

Quantity - 140gm

Age - Any age

Gender - Unisex

Storage Container - Eco Friendly

India's 1st And Only Sugar And Dairy free Instant Vegan Tea premix : Emkay #VeganTea Is A Blessings for Health Conscious Tea Lovers. It Is India's 1st and Only #SugarAndDairyFree Instant Vegan #TeaPremix.

Is Made of Coconut Milk Powder Instead of Dairy Milk Solids. Stevia Is Used Instead of Sugar and Tea Extract Made From Second Day Picked Tea Flowers Instead of Tea Leaves. And Cardamom Seeds Powder.

Health is a need now, not choice. We have Selected COCONUT as it is more superior to all other nuts and seeds and much easier to digest than other nuts. Moreover, coconut is one fruit that contains every single nutrient that the human body needs. That is why it is called SHREE FAL in hindi. Coconut is the only fruit (Fal) which has been given this title SHREE. It is most beneficial for health also than any other nuts.

The health benefits of STEVIA include its ability to aid in weight loss, lower blood pressure, control diabetes, prevent certain forms of cancer, protect oral health, build strong bones, and skin care.Stevia is known by different names, including sweet leaf or sugar leaf, but the formal scientific name is Stevia rebaudiana. It is called Mithi Patti ( मीठी पत्ती ) In Hindi. Stevia is valued most for the sweet taste, which makes it capable of replacing sugar in a diet. Importantly, it also has a very low calorific count pushing it in the ‘no-calorie’ food zone

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