Good Mylk No Sugar Mylk (Pack of 15)

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Benefits - Our Cashew-Oat mylk is a highly versatile alternative for dairy milk, creamy flavour.  100% Vegan | Lactose free | Preservative Free. 

Key ingredients - Cashew , oats

Quantity - 200 ml (each pack)

Gender - Both

Storage Container - Eco-friendly

Values - Handmade

Shelf Life - 6 months from the date of manufacture

Mylk | Sure, no sugar 

We've had a lot of people asking for this. So we figured, sure, no sugar!” 

It's mylk, minus the sugar. No sugar at all. Not even a pinch. 

You can use it just like you'd use mylk! It works just as well

So try it out. Cook with it, bake with it, or just pair it with some chocolate cookies.

The best part? It does all that without even a pinch of sugar.

100% Vegan | Lactose free | Preservative Free 

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