Good Mylk Vegan Mayo (Pack of 5)

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BenefitsCholestrol Free | Palm-Oil Free | Trans-Fat Free

Key ingredientsWater, Sunflower Oil, Sugar, Salt, Isolated soya protein

Quantity- 250 gm (each pack)

Gender - Both

Storage Container - Eco-friendly

Values - Handmade

Shelf Life - 4 months from the date of manufacture

It's the perfect condiment, whether you're making a sandwich, or dressing a salad. In fact, we'd say it's an "A-mayo-zing" condiment, but that's a terrible pun. So we'll refrain.

Dip it, spread it, dress it. It can do everything that any other mayo can do, while also being completely plant-based. Plus, it tastes better than all the other mayo out there. Pretty A-mayo-z... (Nope, we're not doing that). Pretty cool, right? 

Oh, in case we forgot to mention, it's even cholesterol and trans-fat free. You know what that means - indulge away, completely guilt-free.

Cholestrol Free | Palm-Oil Free | Trans-Fat Free

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