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Benefits - Instant ready in 5 Minutes . Vegan & Gluten Free . Improves Immune System

Key ingredients - Alfalfa, Ragi, Kulthi, Moong, Moth, Masoor, Lobia

Quantity - 80 gm

Age - Above 15

Gender - Both

Storage Container - Eco-Friendly

Values - Handmade

Shelf Life - 6 months from Manufacturing

Sprouts are undoubtedly one of the most nutritional food items there is. Sprouts are super rich in Vitamins, Minerals, Proteins, and Enzymes. Having Sprouted beans is as good as having a basket of melon, lemon, avocado, dry apple, banana, & loganberry combined and a lot. The rich enzyme concentration can lead heightened enzyme activity in your metabolism, which improves body immunity, blood circulation, improved digestion and a lot more. The real trouble in including sprouts as a part of diet is availability of fresh and hygienic sprouts. Making them is time consuming and takes 48-72 hours. Sprouts in market do not assure hygiene and food safety. BROTOS are Instant dehydrated sprouts prepared with the benign and nutrient-preserving award winning SCD technology which enhances its nutritional absorption and retains superior quality of our freshly harvested ingredients in hygienic and food safe way giving them a shelf life of 6 months. It is uniquely natural – we add no preservatives, colours, or anything synthetic! A serving of Brotos gives you only what is just right for you. With a preparation time of just five minutes and a Sprout Masala sachet inside, it offers convenience for your on-the-go lifestyle. Just heat with water for five minutes and enjoy its wholesome goodness! With the convenience of BROTOS, you can eat healthy Sprouts Salad in your office or while travelling or after workout. One can mix and cook with rice for satiating Khichadi, add veggies for a delicious salad, spices for tangy Bhel or turn it into appetizing Usal or Misal. “With BROTOS, give your meals a healthy twist, naturally.
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