Vegan Foods Almond Butter-100 gm

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MHVFGR-NB-AB10-100 gm

Benefits - It deliver a mssive amount of Nutrients ,These are loaded with Antioxidents , High in Vitamin E , It will assist with Blood sugar control ,It quality of contains rich Magnesium also benefits Blood pressure levels, Its helps in lower Cholesterol level , It prevent harmful oxidents of LDL Cholesterol ,Helps in reducing weight by reduce hunger, lowering your overall Calorie Intake

Key ingredients - 100 % Roasted Almond

Quantity - 100 gm / 200 gm / 300 gm

Age - Above 6

Gender - Both

Storage Container - Glass Bottles

Values - Handmade

Almond butter is a delicious way to take advantage of numerous health benefits of almonds. Almond butter is an excellent way to access the health benefits of almonds. Almond butter is also a great source of vitamin E, magnesium, copper, vitamin B2 (riboflavin), and phosphorous. It is a great source of monounsaturated fat, protein, and fiber which are essential for heart health. A protein powerhouse, almonds are one of the most nutritionally packed nuts. Almond butter provides a perfect way of incorporating them into your diet.

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