Weeblends Ginger Hydrosol

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Benefits - Face toner, cures innflamation, Improve hair health, controls hair-fall, cures dandruff.

Key ingredients - steam distilled ginger hydrosol

Quantity - 100 ml

Age - Above 15

Gender - Both

Storage Container - Plastic bottle

Values - Handmade

Ginger Hydrosol is one that has been used for centuries for its usefulness. It’s desensitising and warming properties makes it a perfect decision as a torment reliever, giving alleviation from muscle strain and sprain. Designed to stimulate hair growth and fight inflammation, this hydrosol is enriched with essential oils, which cures dandruff as well. It is a liquid which can be sprayed directly onto the scalp or to the face to improve health and detoxifying the same. Or add it to your face masks or hair masks to activate instead of plain water.

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