Urvi Naturals Lemongrass Essential Oil

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Fresh lemongrass essential oil that uplifts, exhilarates and deodorizes naturally!

Benefits -  Helps get rid of unproductive emotions and distressed feelings .  Improves focus and attention .  Provides a feeling of optimism . Removes negative thinking and depression . 

Key ingredients-  Lemongrass

  • Quantity- 10 ml
  • Age- above 15
  • Gender- Both
  • Storage Container- Glass
  • Values- Handmade

*Caution- May be allergic to some people. Patch test recommended before use. Do not use undiluted.

Belonging to Poaceae family, Lemongrass has a fresh clean citrus like aroma with sharp green undertones. Lemongrass provides emotional renewal by helping get rid of unproductive emotions and distressed feelings that have kept emotions stuck. It improves focus and attention span and provides a feeling of optimism while removing negative thinking and depression

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