Juicy Chemistry Tuscany Lemon, Green Apple & Jasmine -Organic Body Wash - 200ml/6.76oz

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Benefits - Invigorating, refreshing and zingy body wash . It helps to ease stretch marks and scars . It also helps soothes tone and soothe dry skin.

Key ingredients - Lemon, Green Apple, Jasmine

Quantity - 200 ml

Age - Above 10

Gender - Both

Storage Container - Plastic

Values - Handmade

Product Details

Wash your worries with our invigorating, refreshing and zingy body wash. The very versatile Italian Lemon essential oil boasts an array of beauty benefits. It is well known for its abundance of disinfecting, purifying and cleansing essences. Its invigorating scent will instantly energize you and rejuvenate tired, dull looking skin. Being a generous source of Vitamin C, Green Apple helps in collagen synthesis, which is necessary for youthful skin and also helps to maintain your skin's waterproof barrier. Packed with assorted vitamins and minerals, it deeply moisturizes, nourishes and heals the skin. Jasmine oils have excellent healing properties for skin. It helps to ease stretch marks and scars. It also helps soothes tone and soothe dry skin. Olive oil has a very high concentration of squalene which is also found in human sebum which makes it a great anti – oxidant agent. Coconut oil softens skin, helps retain moisture, and prevents skin infection. Castor oil helps in skin inflammations and blessing you with clear even – toned skin. Vitamin E Oil keeps the moisture level in the skin intact and heals it from within.

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