Mitti Se Aloe Clay Cleanser & Mask

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An earthly solution for glowing skin!

Benefits- Removes toxins . Nourishes . Moisturizes . Heals . Minimizes Pores . Anti-Aging .

Key ingredients- River bed Clay ,Aloe Vera Juice.

  • Weight- 80 gm
  • Skin Type- All type skin( including very sensitive skin)
  • Age- Above 18
  • Gender- Both
  • Storage Container- Plastic
  • Values- Handmade

  • Nourishes Skin, Deep Cleanses, Removes Toxins, Stimulates Natural Healing and Cellular level Repair. It is a good Anti-Oxidant. Prepared using an elaborate and intensive process of soaking nutrient rich Riverbed Mud in Aloe Vera. Can be used as a Mask or for quick daily cleansing. 
  • Mix 1/2 tsp (for daily cleansing) or 1 tsp (for use as a Mask) with water or rose water or milk or egg white to make a thick paste. Apply paste. 
  • For Deep cleansing and nourishment, use as a mask for at least 20 minutes. Allow to dry, rinse off, and use your favorite moisturizer to finish. 
  • For daily quick cleansing, massage gently and rinse. Soap not required.
  • Contains: Nutrient rich Black Clay from the River-bed, Aloe Vera, Flowers of Lavender and Chamomile.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
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