Greenie Mill Chamomile and Neroli Face Mist

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Benefits - Calming. Hydrating. Soothing.

Key ingredients - German Chamomile, Neroli

Quantity- 100 ml

Skin Type - Sensitive Skin .

Age- Above 15

Gender- Both

Storage Container- Plastic

Values- Handmade

German chamomile is a powerful anti-inflammatory substance. It reduces inflammation, minimizes redness and decreases swelling. It is also highly effective at soothing any skin and body conditions that are hot and red, including itchy, burning eyes or irritated chaffed skin. Neroli hydrosol contains mild natural alpha hydroxyl acid that gently work in cleansing and exfoliating the skin as well as purifying pores without stripping the skin of its natural oils. The antibacterial properties of neroli hydrosol are effective in treating acne and other skin irritating conditions. When applied to sensitive, irritated and damaged skin, neroli hydrosol soothes and calms. Containing powerful antioxidants, neroli hydrosol fights off pro-aging and skin damaging free radicals.

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