Greenie Mill Rose Hydrosol

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Benefits - Hydrating. Astringent. Soothes skin.

Key ingredients - Rose

Quantity- 100 ml

Skin Type - All .

Age- Above 15

Gender- Both

Storage Container- Plastic

Values- Handmade

Rose as an herb is very cooling, soothing, anti-inflammatory, and astringent?the perfect recipe for those suffering from acne and irritation. Rose hydrosol is also quite antiseptic, so acne-causing bacteria don?t stand a chance with regular use as a natural skin toner. Its properties benefit sensitive, irritated, dry, and even oily skin complexions by controlling sebum production, reducing inflammation, and allowing the outer skin barrier to heal and repair itself. Rose water even tightens the pores making them appear smaller. It also helps lighten hyper pigmentation over time with regular use.

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