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Natural Vibes Sunscreen Lotion with SPF 30 - Indoor, Outdoor & Water Resistant

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Benefits - Protection from UVA/UVB rays and Blue Light, Ultra - Light & Non Greasy, No White Cast/Tint, Anti-Pollution Lotion, Non Irritant & Non Comedogenic, Plant Based SPF derived from Yashad Bhasma.

Key ingredients - Aloe vera, Wheatgerm oil, Yashad Bhasma

Quantity - 30ml

Age - Above 10

Gender - Both

Storage Container - Plastic

Values - Handmade



Natural Vibes Broad Spectrum Sunblock Lotion with SPF 30 is an outdoor and indoor waterproof sunscreen + anti-pollution lotion. This triple function sunblock will provide you with protection from UVA/UVB rays and blue light. While sunlight and polluted air are the main source of harmful elements outdoor, LED lights and electronic gadgets generate equally harmful rays indoor. Our sunblock lotion protects you from both. Toxic nanoparticles in the air and sunburns can weaken your skin leading to broken collagen, dark patches, redness, acne and dryness. Our sunblock will shield your skin by creating a protective barrier that will block the toxins from clogging your pores. It will minimize sun damage and fight radicals that cause premature signs of ageing.

Why SPF 30?
SPF 30 shields your skin from 97% of the UV rays while SPF 50 shields your skin from 98% of UV rays. Higher SPF does not necessarily mean greater protection. No sunscreen can block 100% of suns rays. We have not used any harmful and chemical based toxic SPF. We have in fact used a natural Ayurvedic sun shield called Yashad Bhasma.

Natural benefits gifted by our Mother Nature –

1. Yashad Bhasma is the most effective and safe natural sunscreen alternative. An integral part of Ayurveda for centuries, yashad bhasma works on all skin types. It blocks the UV rays, thereby protecting your skin from creation of dark spots.
2. Narangi Oranges are helpful in deflecting the harmful UV rays and blue light from attacking the skin cells. Due to its high content of citric acid, oranges are a natural bleaching agent which make them effective in reducing dark patches and pigmented areas.
3. Amla can make you turn back the ageing clock, in a manner of speaking. The antioxidants and enzymes present in it prevent UV rays and pollution from attacking your skins elasticity thereby minimizing premature ageing.
4. Lemon due to its exfoliating properties assists in enhancing the glow and softness of the skin. The citric acid present in the lemon helps in skin brightening and getting rid of the dead and dry skin cells.
5. Carrot seed is known as a "healer" in Ayurveda because it has the ability to calm both the vata and kapha dosha's. Carrot seed can heal and soothe your skin thereby revitalizing it. Its natural minerals will act as rejuvenation boosters.
6. Papaya is excellent for reversing the damage done to the skin by external elements especially uneven pigmentation. The enzymes present in papaya dissolve inactive proteins and in turn bring back your original skin tone, only cleaner and brighter.
7. Wheatgerm is loaded with Vitamin E and B6 which helps in fighting excessive dryness caused by the harsh external elements. It makes sure that the moisture stays locked in.
8. Aloe Vera is called ‘kumari’ in Sanskrit, which means young girl. This is because of its ability to make you look much younger. Aloe Vera contains 96% water, which seeps through your skin and removes dead skin cells affected by these elements making your skin soft and supple.
9. Tea Tree Oil is a "tridosha" pacifier due to its cooling and moisturizing qualities. It will calm the redness, irritation or inflammation caused by UV rays and blue light. Also it has the ability to penetrate deep into your pores preventing it from clogging and creating acne.
10. Jethimadh (Licorice) is a must in a natural sunscreen as it promotes a brighter skin tone eliminating the dullness. It helps your skin to calm down and relax.
11. Peaches are rich in Vitamin A and C. It is a superb anti-oxidant that will protect your skin from the sun and the pollution. It will prevent sun induced skin ageing and improve your skins overall health

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Aloe vera, Wheat germ oil, Yashad Bhasma, Papaya, Jethimadh, Tea Tree Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Amla, Peach, Lemon Peel, and Orange
1. Apply the sunblock lotion liberally on bare face and neck 10 minutes before you leave home. This helps the skin to absorb the same. Waiting until the last minute leaves your skin unprotected and prone to burns. 2. You can also mix a few drops of the sunblock lotion with your foundation and apply on the face. 3. You are exposed to suns rays and pollution even on rainy/cloudy days or during winter. Applying our sunblock lotion is a must, no matter the weather. 4. It is a myth that skin protection is only needed when outdoor. Blue light generated from our indoor electronic gadgets and LED lights are equally harmful to the skin. Apply the sunblock lotion even on days that are spent indoors.

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