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The term “cruelty-free product” is generally understood within the animal rights movement as a product that has not been tested on animals by the manufacturer or the company making it. While you may not have a special space in your heart for rats, hamsters, guinea pigs or even rabbits, it's important for you to know that dogs, cats, monkeys and many more animals are used in laboratories for testing of various beauty and skincare products.

One thing to notice here is: Vegan means anything that does not contain any animal derivative or animal by-product. But people get confuse with "Vegan" and "Cruelty-free". The latter one simply means the product is not tested on animals. A product that claims to be 'Cruelty-free' can also be 'Non-vegan'.

Cruelty to any being is same. The only difference is the victim. Don't choose to abuse!

Picture Courtesy : Animal Aid Unlimited

Picture Courtesy : Siddharth Sharma ( Activist )

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