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In today’s hectic & rushed lifestyle, we are not getting enough nutrition from our regular diet and the best quality health supplements which required by the body are not easily available in the superfood market and that is the reason why NB Lab starts research on superfood and its benefits.

NB Labs works as a pioneer or a settler in the field of natural supplements and superfood frontier; we praise our Research and Development Department (R & D). The department led us to product innovation in the complex supplement market and continuously works with a domestic Quality Control Department (QCD) consisting of the best-qualified and experienced people.

Our firm has set our objective and core values. It has also set exceptional research and development, which guarantees an organic and superior supplement, which designed for adaptability and progress. NB Lab always aims to perfect the present and ensure the buyers for a stronger and better future.

In NB Lab, we always manufacture the best quality of organic products, which truly provide functional diversity and high performance with no long or short-term mischief. NB Lab is one of the best and one of the top organic product manufacturers in the world. NB Lab always holds customer satisfaction at the top and displays it proudly in our functional and best supplement range. It has carefully engineered and tested for chemical and microbiological levels by our experienced staff. NB Labs ensures that all our consumers and athletes who use our products will only get the finest food and athletic supplements only.

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  1. Medilina Organic Spirulina Powder

  2. Medilina Organic Spirulina Tablet

  3. Medilina Organic Wheatgrass Powder Medilina Organic Wheatgrass Powder Sale

    Medilina Organic Wheatgrass Powder

    Special Price ₹270.00 Regular Price ₹360.00
  4. Medilina Organic Moringa Powder Medilina Organic Moringa Powder Sale

    Medilina Organic Moringa Powder

    Special Price ₹180.00 Regular Price ₹240.00
  5. Medilina Organic Barleygrass Powder Medilina Organic Barleygrass Powder Sale

    Medilina Organic Barleygrass Powder

    Special Price ₹270.00 Regular Price ₹360.00
  6. Medilina Organic Alfalfa Powder Medilina Organic Alfalfa Powder Sale

    Medilina Organic Alfalfa Powder

    Special Price ₹270.00 Regular Price ₹360.00
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6 Items

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